What are the 4 different resource types in MS Project?

Microsoft Project knows 4 different resource types:
  1. Work resources (people)
  2. Material resources (e.g. cables, bricks)
  3. Cost type resources (e.g. airfares, scrap)
  4. Budget resources (e.g. training budget, externals budget)

A fifth resource type

We think that Microsoft should also have included a fifth resource type, by acknowledging that material resources could be either consumable (like cables or bricks) or have a capacity that can be booked (like a test machine or training room). If you have such a material resource with capacity, we recommend you to use the work resource type instead.

Working in a server environment

If you are working in a MS Project Server environment, you might need to work with server resources. Server resources are created centrally by the MS Project Server administrator for the purpose of having one central enterprise resource pool. Personal holidays will be administered here and resource capacity and resource availability can be seen and managed across projects.

Learn it all!

Our e-course Maturity Level 4 Resource Management is about the work resources, Level 5 Cost Management is about the other resource types as we think that only when it comes to cost management, these other resource types will start to bring true value. Get our pro course here!
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