Evaluating and optimizing your schedule

Evaluating and optimizing your schedule

You want to evaluate and optimize your schedule? When you evaluate the progress against the baseline you may have found that the new situation offers new challenges; for instance because you are warned by one or more Red Exclamation Marks in the first column of your schedule. This means that your updates have caused one of your milestones to pass its deadline, which means you need to take action to manage this delay back. Evaluating and optimizing your schedule1

Learn from your estimates

Always compare the duration of your tasks with its baseline duration to see whether you can learn from your estimates. If you can find a pattern in types of tasks that keep delaying it is smart to take the average deviation and adjust future similar tasks accordingly.

Your experience with evaluating

Do you ever adjust your schedule during your project based on the comparison between duration and baseline duration? Leave it in the comments below
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