Get started with MS Project

You are asked to come up with a project schedule, or you want to start scheduling yourself. And now?

Where to start?

Let us tell you exactly how to do that. We, the creators of several e-course about MS Project have done more than 500 training sessions and dozens of MS Project implementations and what we learned is that there is usually a huge gap between what management asks you to do, and what you have the time and knowledge for. For many, many project professionals we saw that this gap was too big, and people returned to Excel, made a schedule but did not maintain it and actually felt kind of frustrated. With the end-goal in mind, we will help you to close this gap, in small manageable steps that we describe as levels. We know the pace in which you can close this gap, and if you follow our approach, you will reach your (manager's) goal faster than in any other way; step by step.

The 5 Levels are:

  • Managing overall project status and main deliverables
  • Managing work
  • Managing time
  • Managing resources
  • Managing costs

Get MS Project Professional

If you have not installed MS Project yet, you can get it directly here. It is also possible to download MS Project Professional as a free 60-days trial.

More about the e-course

For more detailed information about our courses and how starting with MS Project will work for you (including short video clips for each Maturity Level), click HERE.
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