How to use lag and lead time in MS Project?

Lag and lead time in MS Project is a topic that is confusing to many Microsoft Project users.

An easy example

In some cases the next task cannot start directly after the previous task has finished, for instance when you have completed a task like 'painting' which requires drying time. When you want to create a delay (lag) or a lead-time (negative lag) you double-click the black arrow in the Gantt chart between the respective tasks and enter the number of days of lag you want to have for this relationship. You could also have a negative 'lag', which is called 'lead'(time). An example of lead-time is to start to review a document when the document has been written for 20%. To enter lead-time, you will add a negative number of days in the link window as just described.

What about you?

What are your biggest struggles with lag and lead time? Leave it in the comments below.
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