These are the options to have MS Project level your resources

Why do things manually if you can have the tool do it for you automatically? Automatic resource leveling in MS Project will solve the overallocations based on the settings, just like Excel would do the calculation for you based on the formulas you put in.
As automatic resource leveling respects all settings within your schedule, your schedule should adhere to the guidelines for a good schedule, such as proper use of links and constraints. Next to these settings, MS Project uses a certain logic to determine which task to put first and which ones to delay when resolving the overallocation. This logic, the leveling algorithm, will be explained in the next article.

Keep the control when leveling

If you do not want to level your whole project at once (Level all), you can also level on a per allocation basis. This keeps you very much in control and on top of the changes. Always start with the most critical resource (on the critical path) and work your way through as resources become less important for the timing of your project.

Dealing with resource leveling:

(starting with the smallest incremental changes to your schedule):
  1. Reschedule to available date: only one task will move
  2. Level selection: only the tasks you select will be leveled
  3. Level resource: only one resource you select will be leveled
  4. Level all: level all resources at once
For leveling your whole project at once, or by using any of the incremental steps, the MS Project leveling algorithm and the leveling options apply.
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