Preparations before resource loading

Preparations before resource loading

Before you start loading your schedule with resources, it is important that you know what MS Project will do for you from the moment that they are part of the equation. A good preparation before resource loading is crucial!

First things first

You first need to identify the tasks in your schedule with fixed work/duration/units and set these accordingly. MS Project calculates with the so-called 'iron formula', where the fields work, duration and assignment units calculate each other, based on which of the fields MS Project should not touch. For instance, traveling with one ship from England to New York takes one week. If you travel with 7 ships (units), should the duration of the trip then be calculated to one day? No, exactly! Preparations before resource loading1 It is advised to use baseline 10 before assigning the resources, so you can easily spot any changes that are caused by the resources’ availability.

Task types

Which task type do you use in your schedule and why? 1) Fixed duration 2) Fixed units 3) Fixed work Share the number and reason in the comments below.
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