How to remove a constraint?

I bet that if you would open a random schedule, you would see all little calendars in front of the tasks. These appear when you have entered a start or finish date manually, and will add a serious amount of manual labour for you when you update your schedule. So you want to have as little constraints as possible and remove all unnecessary ones.

Remove a constraint

You can easily remove a constraint by double clicking on a task > task information > advanced > constraint type > as soon as possible. In order to remove a constraint it is not necessary to edit the constraint date field, once you select 'As Soon As Possible' MS Project will automatically reset the date according to the task’s predecessor.

Watch the video to learn how to remove a constraint in MS Project:

When updating tasks (for instance through Update project > reschedule all remaining work to start from ), MS Project will create task constraints when the execution of a task is ongoing and the project is being rescheduled as from this date. These constraints are necessary and do not need to be removed. By the way, these are all in the past, and any remaining work cannot take place before these past dates anyhow.
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