How to reassign a task to another resource?

The best way to replace a resource is through the assign resources window:
  • Click Resource tab > Assign Resources
  • Select the old resource
  • Click Replace
  • Select the new resource
  • Click OK > Close
Of course you can also deselect the old resource and select the new resource in the Resource Names column, but MS Project will see this as two separate actions: MS Project will first delete the old assignment (with the set %), then create a new assignment based on the max units for that resource and any part-time % for the task you had set will be gone.

Replace resources for the entire schedule

This is per assignment. If you want to replace a resource for the entire schedule, select all tasks for which you want to replace the resource. If you get the question ‘The task is 100% complete. Do you want to move the actual work to the new resource?’, it means that you selected a completed task. Click cancel and deselect the completed tasks. All tasks with 0% completion and the remaining parts of partially completed tasks are reassigned.
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