How to reschedule all incomplete work with one button?

When you are at a point where you have updated the actual progress on tasks and re-examined the ETC (estimate to complete) for these tasks (i.e. remaining duration), some tasks may not have been finished as planned.

Reschedule incomplete work

In other words, only part of the task has been done, and there is still some work to do. Possible reasons are that someone was ill last week, or someone needed to solve a critical incident in another project, that supplies were not delivered yet, etc. Since these activities still need to be done, you need to reschedule this uncompleted part of the task to a time in the future, preferably as soon as possible, to reduce the (potential) total delay.

Only one button

Microsoft Project has a button that does this all at once: Project tab > Update Project > Reschedule uncompleted work to start after:
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