Solving resource overallocation in MS Project

There are several ways to solve resource overallocation in MS Project (those resource has more work than its availability). Although many MS Project users are hesitant when it comes to using the leveling functionality to solve overallocation, it is possible to do this in a truly controlled manner.
With the option we discuss here, you have most control over how the tasks will be ordered. Notice the tasks with the ‘red puppet’:
  • Hover on the red puppet for the task with the least priority (the least critical task)
  • Right-click > Reschedule to available date
  • Check to see that the task has now moved to the first location where the resource has availability
  • Note that this also induces leveling delay for the moved task

Be in control

The benefit of solving overallocation this way is that you are completely in control of what happens. Solving resource overallocation in MS Project1

Another option

It is also possible to level a selection of tasks all at once:
  • Select the tasks you want to level
  • In tab Resource, click Level Selection
Solving resource overallocation in MS Project2 Only the tasks you have selected will be considered for delaying by MS Project. The other tasks remain untouched.

Are you confident?

How confident are in solving overallocations in MS Project with the technique we have just discussed? Share it in the comments below.
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