These are the views that answer all your questions on resource allocation!

In MS Project, there are many views that support insight in the assignments and whether or not resources are planned more than they are available.

The views with the best insight

We will explain the views and answer the most important questions:
  • Gantt chart - for spotting if there is an overallocation
  • Resource graph - for spotting if there is a serious overallocation
  • Resource graph - for spotting on which date(s) the overallocation occurs
  • Team planner - spotting which resource has availability to take on a new assignment (only available in Professional version of MS Project)
  • Resource graph - see how much availability several resources in your team have as a team
  • Resources vs BL10 - see how assigning resources has changed your schedule
The last one is a view we have created for our e-course and is part of the template you will get with the e-course. Of course, you can create such a view as well by adding the relevant Baseline columns to your view. Which view is your favorite?
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